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Cost of total renovation


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I think some time back someone posted some figures for the cost of total renovation based on m2 .

Does anyone have an idea of roughly how much  to allow for a total renovation project of a barn? It needs everything and we wanted a rough idea  before we put in an offer. I didn't want to waste the time of artisans geting quotes in, and anyway the barn would probably be sold before they all turned up to quote anyway!



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How long is a piece of string question!

A friend has just had her cottage finished, it was a total ruin - a pile of stones with a few of the first floor beams still in place and NO roof at all. I think around 160mts sq.

Anyway, we were asking her last night how much she had spent. It's now a lovely 3 bedroom, two bathroom house, with kitchen/diner, sitting room, large office and utility room (with loo and basin), plus large fosse, airpumped underfloor heating downstairs and electric heating upstairs. All done, tiled, patio, small outhouses and bread ovenreroofed and renovated and she said that she'd spent £130,000. but that includes some furniture, all lighting, woodburner, new kitchen and all fittings.

As she is on her own, she had artisans in to do everything and has applied for tax credits for the energy efficient things.

Other friends have done a total cottage renovation by themselves and had a budget of £20,000 for the lot.

Our renovation, cottage with attached barn conversion (153 sq mtrs) has cost us around E60,000. 20K euros was spent on heating/plumbing, fosse and electrics done by artisans. Most of the rest was done by ourselves and doesn't include reroofing. We haven't finished spending yet!!

As you see, very different amounts. Hope this helps.
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I renovated a small barn that provides 40m2 of living space which is about that of a large studio small flat.

I have installed a new fosse 5000litre as there is another larger farmhouse to renovate.

I think I have spent 20k euros in turning it from a barn with a tin roof into a very cosy 'Gite'...

All the work was done by myself with friends and I paid nothing more than materials, hire fees and the finest wines found at our Huit a Huit for my workers.

 I had never attempted such a project before and reckon I could do it a little cheaper next time.

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