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Roller shutters


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 Can anyone give me some advice on where to buy roller shutters?  We need to replace most of our wooden shutters as the wood is rotting, and we would like to get roller shutters, particularly as one of our downstairs windows is quite big, and I don't think that it would be possible to get any other kind (it doesn't have any shutters at the moment).  We are in Dept 50, between Vire and Brecey - we have looked in a few local shops, (Bricomarche, Michigan etc) with no luck so far - maybe we need to go a bit further afield.  Also, does anyone know how easy they are to fit - is it possible for us to do it ourselves?  If not, can we get them fitted by whoever we buy them from, or will we have to find a local  tradesman?  Also, any idea of price would be helpful.


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