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Attatching 100mm insulated plasterboard ?


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My builder has left me with a new wall to plasterboard - which has new

window frames fitted to take 100mm thick insulated plasterboard ( it's

a new rear wall in grey blocs ).

Looking in the builder's merchants, there's a choice of card, wool or

polystyrene backed boards. Which is the best to use and how are they

easily fixed to the bare walls ?

Many thanks for any help ..

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Hi joidevie

We chose the plasterboard with polystyrene as recommended by our french friends and builders merchant! It was very easy to use, just apply some MAP, available from the most bricos and builders merchants, to the back and stick it to the wall! They recommended a fair few blobs of it, but it works, quick and simple.  We have also attached it to rail in some areas for ventialtion, which our frecnh friends found quite amusing, as it's not the done thing! Hope this helps [:D]



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