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Roof Costs.


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I recently paid 145 Euros per sq m - I am in Aude 11. I beleive this

was a good price and the job very well done ( albeit in pan tiles

rather than slate! ). You need to add at least 20% to the 'floor'

surface area to calculate the roof surface too. Also expect maybe 1000

or so if you want the old roof completely demolished and thrown away.

Not a nice job to do..

Hope this helps

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TOTAL rebuild.. Apart from the main beams.

This involved all carpentry, marine plying and pan tiles cemented on

... They had to demolish an enormous amount roof and the rubble ! That

would have taken me weeks on my own..

They also fitted some skylights for free ( I supplied ) and moved a beam without charging..

I'm often amazed at how many people don't budget for roofs - it is such

an important job and the peace of mind later is hard to beat. Thunder

storm.... No problem 

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