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chaux vs ciment


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ive read with interest that chaux will allow stone walls to breath should the chaux be used both for interior and exterior walls or just exterior

there is literally no mortar in the walls so can i plug the walls with a ciment mix and just use the chaux for the final coat? any ideas willl be appreciated


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yes stone walls need no ciment... use a 2 to 1 mix. 2 sand 1 chaux ( lime ). use a colour pigment to get the colour you want but get it exact everytime. In this area we normally use chaux blanc and sand. Make sure you get enough sand for the job in one go.... if the sand colour changes slightly you'll see it on the wall first.

The problem inside is that if there is no ciment in the mix you will be brushing it off the wall everytime you brush against it.. its a problem...



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