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Irritating constant humming noise from the pipes ! How to rid of ?


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Noise from the water internal pipes has developed in the house. Worse at night. From occurring  only occasionally during the winter time it has now become  almost unbearable ,  to the point it keeps people awake at night.

Opening a  tap is only giving a very brief relief  from the noise .

My local person relieved the hot water boiler of some air on Sunday  through one of its valves succeeding into  keeping  things quiet for a while. But  it has now all  re started.

A person staying at the house last week  managed to get around the problem at night by switching off the boiler (which heats up using the cheap night rate) altogether and then restart it in the morning using the booster.

But I thing this is not doing the job any longer. The noise is now there…constantly.


It goes without saying that there is not a plumber in sight! Either on holiday or unavailable for a week or longer.

The lastest idea my person in France has come up with is to fit an expansion valve on the cold water upstairs pipe. He is buying the material from the local  Bricomarche but we wonder whether this will do the job or whether from the “humm” noise situation we will move onto to a “kettle whistle” one  in the middle of the night!

I really cannot understand why this is happening. Has the local water supplier increased the pressure to cause this ?

Won’t  the  main water supply tap turning slightly down help ?


Anyone suggestion would greatly be appreciated.






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Thanks for reading my topic.

I believe it is the cold pipe , as that is where my man has been advised to fit the valve.

But would you mind explaining  why is it important to establish if cold or warm ?


Thank you



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Well, it's just that the hot water tank was bled, but an expansion

piece is going on the cold side. Secondly, it started in winter and

it's getting worse, but solved when the boiler is off. Yes?

So it just sounds to me as if your hot tank is actually boiling, and maybe not shutting off at the correct temperature. And as it's now constant, I'm assuming that the thermostat has been checked and is working, so it's not that.

Just trying to eliminate the variables - what has been established and what hasn't. [:D]

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