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strange heading perhaps but i cant think of a succint way to explain this in a heading.

our neighbour purchased his house at around same time as us and is doing a lot of work on it.   my OH is builder by trade, and because we are here all time doing lots of work on our place, we have developed a good relationship with him.   OH tends to wander over at end of day, have a chat, supply advice, sometimes loan tools etc etc.   neighbour normally comes in for one beer.    OH does this purely out of goodness of his heart, because he simply likes helping people, and likes to see things done properly !

Neighbour sometimes has  a friend to help him, who is also really nice, same scenario, beer etc.   pretty much these two are our 'french' social life at moment and we genuinely like them as people.

anyway to cut to chase, neighbour said other day, we have been thinking and would very much like to help you with your roof - eg a few hours helping with some beams.   this help would really be appreciated by us, but was not requested or expected in any way.   i would like to gratefully accept, because they genuinely want to help us, but another thread which i have been reading put me in mind of a slight concern.     genuinely this is not bartering or anything approaching that in my view - we were surprised and delighted to be offered this assistance for one small part of our job which might cause us problems alone.   however, as per other recent thread i am now thinking, what happens if (of course it probably wont happen) one of them were to  suffer an accident on our property?    not sure if this  is right place for this, or  if i am becoming a tad paranoid (so soon !!)

any thoughts gratefully received

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