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Just reading through Brico Depot catalogue ,They have got plastic pipe on a roll of 25 m called Tube Polyethylene,It comes in 20mm,25mm & 32mm & its says 6 or16 bars.

They also are selling the plastic fittings to match , Called Raccords Polproylene.

Does anybody know if these materials are O.K. for mains pressure ? Only it seems to good to be true. 


Thanks for your replies   Bridan.

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The black Tube Polyethylene shown on page 101 that is rated to 6 bars is for piping water underground round your garden. The stuff for 'eau potable' is for bringing drinking ( all household water) into the house from the mains and is rated to 16 bar. It is as easy to plumb as garden hose however is is very difficult to bend

The red and blue stuff shown on page 98 is for distributing it round the house and should like copper pipe inside the house be protected by a 'reducteur de pression' (Page 101 as opposed to room 101 again) set or preset at 3 bar. You may need more pressure if you have a very very tall house.  The red and blue stuff uses expensive fittings to start from two manifold AKA Nourrice ( top page 98)  where the water heater is and normally the enters the house. You run the red or blue pipe round the house and can run the pipe through holes drilled in joists etc.  You either repeat mini manifolds in each bathroom or run pipes to each room. You spend a bit more on fittings than soldered copper but because you loose the pipe in stud walls etc and have no other joints or corners to use to make it is about cost neutral. Been in use for at least 10 years, is approved for use in many parts of the USA, and is now pretty close to universal in new builds.

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