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Toilet replacement


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I recently took a French "toilette suspendu" (cistern built into) wall back to UK for a friend, I warned him that here the soil pipe is 100mm as opposed to110mm in England at that he may have to adapt it, he had no problem.

Today I tried fitting another one in my first flat conversion (again bought from Brico-depot) and it wouldn't fit the 100mm soil pipe but would have slid nicely into a british 110mm one! - Now I see that Brico-Depot sell a 110mm to 100mm adaptor, I cant see any other reason for stocking such an item.

I can confirm that the spigot on the pan is 100mm.

Dont know about the sortie height but as mine was clearly made for the UK market and it has the same sortie height as my French pans I believe tham to be the same.

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