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My question is about protecting electric cables when they are outside.

We need to run an elctric fence from an energiser. The energiser will be plugged in in the cellar and it is the output cable that needs to run outside. The length of cable is between 50m and 70m.

Can anyone advise the best way to protect this cable from the elements /animals? Where can I buy such protective products in France? I have seen the grey gaine at brico depot, is this suitable or not?



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[quote user="J.R."]

Is there the equivalent of steel wire armoured (s.w.a) cable available which conforms to the french normes?

I used it exclusively in my old trade (automatic gates), even if the cable is buried it usually has to come to the surface and be run along posts, walls etc.


There is (although it is not popular), but it would still need to be buried in gaine, as no cable can be buried directly (this is about replacement, not protection). As you are permitted to run conventional cable as you describe, then armoured becomes unnecesary - IMHO. Pyro is a different matter.

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Unless I'm mistaken, ABIM is talking about the output of the electric fence energizer rather than its 230v supply. The stuff I use is big fat cable exactly like the kind of cable Halfords sell (or used to sell) as HT cable for distributor - spark plug replacement. However I supect the losses over 50 - 70m would be horrendous.

The longest I've taken the HT is about 10m across a path where I just split the ground with a spade and dropped the cable in.

Is there a possibility you could run it as an aerial feed ? It's what the French farmers traditionally do. That way you could use just the ordinary electric fence cable.

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