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Is it easy to buy dried wood?


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It may also depend on the supplier.

We asked for 3 steer in April and found it easily. Our neighbour then suggested we use someone more local for this winter and although the wood is not freshly cut, the local wood has quite a high moisture content and not at all good to burn.

The first delivery we specifically asked for wood to burn straight away and the second the neighbour arranged on our behalf and we have no idea what was ordered. About the time the wood was delivered our neighbour disappeared off hunting and a week or so later we left for England.

As your first reply, it may well depend on the amount of forestry there is in your region.




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If you draw a blank then you should find that Mr Bricolage sells sacks of wood - it's a lot more expensive, though, so should only be a last resort.  Also assumes you have a Mr Bricolage or similar near you. [:D]

I don't think you should burn pine because the high resin content messes up your flue.

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