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Can anyone recommend any builders/plumbers in this area. We just need a quote for a barn conversion. Lizfjr - you state I should stay clear of some in this area but you don't say who and why or even recommend any good ones. I did pm you but you didnt reply ???
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I'm sorry, I haven't received a pm from you. If you want to email me, then happy to discuss off line. I am having some work done at the moment by a French company after getting off to a false start with a company which operates for the English market in Burgundy and advertises pretty widely but didn't have the capacity or skills to do what they promised. I took them to court in the end to get my money back. There's more detail in this month's Living France: I'm one of the case studies.

Don't let the language thing be a barrier to using local labour.

Anyway, happy to receive an email from you.




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[quote]="Kira's_Back" A decent plumber will be French (generally)


Very interesting, maybe you would enlighten the rest of us, as to why the only good plumbers are french? I assume you know many to be able to generalise in such a way?


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