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Gas Geysers


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We have a gas water heater on the wall of the kitchen.      After the recent tragedy in Greece we are a little worried about it and the regulations of use and its condition.  It is approx 18 to 25 years old..    Our gas is gold bottle (propane I think) situated at the bottom of the garden

1. Does it have to have annual/biannual checks.   (For insurance reasons)

2.What ventilation should it have .

3.What safety devices should there be.       ( At the moment we have a gas isolation switch and a Carbon Monoxide detector)


Also can any one give advice on the taps on this type of unit. Both the Hot and Cold taps drip.  I think they probably need new washers fitting or could there be scaling / residue  problems ?.  If I change the washers should I change them with a rubber or a synthethic type of washer.

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