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Pressure washed concrete


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Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience in pressure washing concrete? As in, is it just a noemal mix that can be laid by hand, painted (although not sure why) and then pressure washed 12 hours later to give the finish, or am I missing somthing very important? And is there any reason why it cant be used as a finish for a swimming pool terrace?




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Hi how do you mean painted i worked in the building trade and what i think you may be talking about is

a) you lay the concrete , screed and float it

b) later the same day or the following day  spray or paint it with a type of cement retarder

c) after a few days you powerwash the top layer (about 3 - 5 mm) of cement off which in turn leaves you with a pebble dash finish


and its fine for a pool terrace is that any help


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