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Flue installation


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I have had a chimney installed by my builder and the flue now extends to 5cm below the ceiling. The stove is beneath this, but the installation has not been completed, ie, we have stove at one end, chimney at the other but no flue between.

I need therefore to put in about 1.5 metre of flue pipe to connect the two together.

Also, can you buy adapters that will enable a connection between a 200 mm at one end and 190 at the other?



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Hi Liz

Was there a reason why the builder did not join the flue to the stove ?


The flue in the chimney is 190mm and the out let from the stove is 200mm ?


All of the large brico type stores sell a good selection of bits and jointing compounds

And some of the bigger builders merchants do as well .


I thought you had gone all posh and had central hearting

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Hi, Shan, Thanks for responding.

No central heating I'm afraid. That will come later.

I think I have an explanation as to why not and will be seeing the builder tomorrow, so should be able to sort. Seems wierd to me that they didn't connect up, but the devis could be read 1 of 2 ways.

Thing is, they even put tiling as requested on the floor to take the stove and they have  moved the stove (which weighs a ton) so it is correctly positioned!!

Anyway. Got to get ourselves down the M6 and round the good ole M25 in a bit and I hear the M20 is closed today, so fingers crossed. Oh. And no filtering. We've got a carload.

See you and hope all is well with you both.

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