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Woodburner with Back boiler


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We have an old Quebb Master stove which has a back boiler I am thinking of installing this with a conventional vented system to provide hot water and heating in the winter (It's rated at 16kw) Does anyone know whetehr this may cause problems with statute or Insurance?

We are also considering fitting solar panels to our South facing roof anyone tried and is there a recommended French way?

I am happy to carry out the above installations myself (Being a plumbist in a previous life) question is will either contravene French Building Regs, do I nee to tap up Monsieur Le Mairie for a permis or anything like that?

Another mega ambitious Idea we have is to take two pitched roofs that run to a valley (Buildings are back to back) and create either a single dual pitched roof spanning the lot or a mansard anyone tried this?

Grey water recovery... is it ok to direct all rainwater down to our well (certified potable but I wouldn't lol) then have a lift pump arrangement to high level storage tanks to feed toilets and irrigation?

We have mains drains close by a buildng that we want render habitable (We are sited down a quiet metallised lane) to get to the main trap in the street will involve digging up a section of roadway is normal form to speak to water co,  or the Mairie?

Has anyone come up with a good way of sourcing structural grade timber, the Bricos seem very pricey compared to here?

Do the French have regulations as we do in Britain re noise transmission through buildings, Insulation, glazing regs?

Questions questions sorry but once started they just kept on a coming lol

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I have been looking for a good solar panel system supplier in France for ages. I also want to self install but have got nowhere.

I have a lift pump which pumps water from the well into storage tanks and feeds the toilet and waters the garden, but don't need to redirect the grey water as the well is full even in summer.

Can't help with any of the other questions though.

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Mac, as I know you'll be a little further North than us, I'll warn you that when I asked my plumber/electrician about solar panels he said "not really enough reliable sunlight here to make them economical."  He reckoned we would be dead before they paid for themselves!  So I would say, only go for them as a "green" option.
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Solar panel if you decided to would have to connected through a pressurized system and I beleave in France,  the boiler also.

At the end of the day it's a safer and cheaper way of doing it.

Timber ? whot U using it for, normally cheaper in France assuming here relates to GB

Grey water,  There are lots of ways to use it, you could for instance use  tanks sunk into ground with a negative head pump to feed toilets removing the need to drain the system in winter for fear of flooding through freezing of high level storage tank, there are occations during drougth conditions in France when you are not allowed to use the well water also.

Not sure about the other bits


dave  [8-)]

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Hi all,

Backboilers can quite produce a fair bit of steam will need to consider the potential for putting the gable end of the building out! I reckon we would be neeing a fairly hefty pressure vessel also the boiler itself isn't in the first flush of youth.

Timber - structural grade and cls equivalent, plywood, casings, mouldings, architrave and skirtings all seem pricey compared to what I pay in the U.K.

Solar potential I reckon is good, we have a large south west facing roof and are sited on reasonably high ground if we use modern vacuum tube panels then I think it could be worthwhile.

Greywater I reckon is worthwhile and green, the exact design I shall trawl the net (Not an intentional pun)for good Ideas.

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