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Sizing a heat pump?


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I am trying to find out what size heat pump I would need to heat a house of 190 sq M with ready installed under floor heating.

At the moment we are using LPG and a 22 Kw Vaillant combi boiler. The boiler is about 23 years old and apart from probably being 'not too efficient' it will possibly need to be replaced in the not too distant future.

We don't need to heat the water because that is done by solar heating and even though it's old too it works well with all the sun we get. When it isn't shining, not very often, it is electrically heated. Worked well today even though the temp was near zero...

Any ideas, links, etc. would be greatfully received. I have been looking at the Center for Alternate Technology site and got some ideas, but no info on sizing???

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