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I have a courtyard of about 35 M2 that I want to block pave, I really want to use something like the rectangular Marshalls or Brett paviours that i am used to.

So far I have found the form S or Z paviours which whilst cheap, and some having the nibs to create the sand friction gap I would rather not use as they are all one colour (as opposed to the variations in say a Brindle finish) and with them it is difficult to create neat edgings.

I have also found some rectangular rustic ones but at around 30 euros per M2 they are very expensive and dont have the locating nibs which are essential for heavy or vehicle traffic, nice finish but being rectangular prohibits me from being able to use herringbone or basket weave patterns.

It is unrealistic, but not impossible in terms of weight to bring them from England, so does anybody have any suggestions where I can find something suitable?

I hope that I have explained what it is that I want, and what I dont like about what is available to me around here, I have tried Brico-Depot, Leroy Merlin, Mati Marche. Point P etc.

Awaiting suggestions.

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J.R., I may be missing something, but how does being rectangular prevent you making a herringbone pattern?

Personally I think it would be great if you imported them just to flabbergast the natives[:D] And they say Brits are eccentric.

BTW the nibs aren't essential. Handy, but not essential. With a stable base, they won't move much. Ruts usually appear when someone cheats on the preparation of the hardcore, sand, or just as likely, the compaction.


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Thanks for the reply Ogleflakes.

You are right, the form S or Z's can be laid like that but because of their geometry the effect of the pattern is lost, it just looks like a big regular commercial car park, or remember how petrol station forecourts used to look before another EU rule made the owners tear them up to catch the spillage before it contaminated the ground?

My main isuue is that they look so industrial and have a uniform unpleasant colour (to my eyes) and also having to fill in all around the wavy edges with fillets of cement.

It's hard to change the habits of a lifetime or sometimes to appreciate the aesthetics of a different culture, I usually just get stuck in, in the manner that I know and friends and neighbours are often surprised to see the results.

2 examples are when I made some garage doors, I did the panneling in a double chevron design and then finished them with diluted green exterior paint so that you could still see the grain (a bit like a Cuprinoled finish) lost of people stop and ask where I bought them, they also think that I am joking when I say that I made them, despite the poverty around here most people either do without or pay a menuiser.

The other example is the masons mitre joints I used on my home made kitchen worktops, even the top class kitchen fitters around here still use those horrible bits of ali trim and no-one has ever seen before a worktop router template or the clamps I use. Again I am often asked to do fitted kitchens but if only I had the time.

Yesterday I was invited to an opening ceremony of a 4.5 million euro development of apartments, the design and standard of finish was unlike anything that I have ever seen in this region, one new owner had had a very expensive american style kitchen fitted, the menuiser had done the masons mitres by hand and it was an exceptional job but still not as tight or invisible as with the router template and clamps.

For the reason you stated I am serioulsy considering bringing in the pavoiurs one bootfull at a time but I will have to uprate my already shot springs first.

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Your timber doors sound great. Would you mind posting a pic of them?

J.R., One nice thing about the rectangular ones is that they are reasonably easy to lay in alternative pattern. e.g. circles within squares etc. Oh, and they are great for painting yellow to show people where to park [:P]

Were you invited because you have an interest construction? Ironically, in the US, having a "European" kitchen is a big selling point. Another example of "The grass..." 

BTW, had you been quicker, you could have bought Dellboy's Reliant to import those pav's. It sold recently for £40 000  [:)]


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[quote user="oglefakes"]Your timber doors sound great. Would you mind posting a pic of them?

Were you invited because you have an interest construction?  [/quote]



Sorry but I must have been speaking french too long and cannot undersatnd the question, can you rephrase it?

Ah got it, you mean the inauguration ceremony!

I am doing a very small cheapo development of an old hotel turning it into furnished short term lets for the workers at the Airbus factory opposite, whom got their repreive this week.

I met socially a retired Doctor whose family develop property, the daughter and son in law are notaires, these are the first proffessional and educated type people that I have met in this region in two years, they get on quite well with me because I have given up everything to live a simple life that they now yearn for!

I like to their company as it reminds me of the life I left behind and I suppose the same applies to them, at the soiree I met the Maire, the Consuel Generale and also the Deputy (who would appear to be the most important and political of them) and we had a very interesting discussion on the possible future of Airbus and for the new airport being completed virtually on my doorstep.

It was very reassuring to talk with someone really in the know rather than listen some of the more naive local rumours as my future depends squarely on the future of one or both enterprises.

If anyone can explain to me exactly what the Deputy of a region is (I know that there is no comparison in the UK) I would be pleased to learn

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