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Building Regs - 1st floor window


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We have got permission to replace an old wooden door into to our Grenier with a window and shutter. Question - the door is effectively at floor level (used for hauling grain in etc). When we instal the new window I wondered if there are any building regs - ie as window goes down to floor do I need bars outside?


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In the absence of any other reply yet, just a note on our own experience.

Our guest sitting room window (first floor) opens inwards and goes down to about 20cm from floor level.  When the plans for our first floor conversion were submitted (in 2004) there were no window bars included in the plan and the plans were passed - this was not a new window, but it was part of the new development. 

However, for our own peace of mind we have fitted a restrictor so that unless the restrictor is removed, the window will not open far enough to allow an unsupervised child to squeeze through and fall to a sickening death.

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