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Fixing to ceilings and walls


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I've no idea, but there must be a way. I presume that normal wall plugs would find voids and not grip. I suppose as well that the weight of the attached object is crucial.

Perhaps asking at a local brico shed would 'shed' some light? Or ask at your local quincaillerie, which I find very helpful. Local people must do it somehow.

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[quote user="P"]

What is the best way of fixing things to walls and ceilings that are constructed from the 'honeycomb' style of bricks?



Dirty big nails on a downward angle [:)]

Paul, if by 'honeycomb', you mean 'Autoclave' blocks, such as Thermalite, there are plastic 'nails' that resemble two short chopsticks connected at one end. When you nail this in, its legs spread (sorry) and won't come out. There is a hole at the end for screwing (again, sorry) which allows you to put up kitchen cabinets etc, or wooden strapping.

Screwfix did sell them, but they appear to have been dropped. I think S.F. are pretty ruthless at dropping lines.

This is a link to the 'Aircrete Products Assoc."  http://www.aircrete.co.uk/buildingwith/cuttings.htm


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If you mean the aveole (I think that is the spelling) bricks that we have you would never get a nail into them. You need a heavy duty electric drill. Picture hooks - forget it. We use rawl plugs generally. There are fixings specially designed for 'murs creuse' which might be better for heavy items.
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