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ECO warming systems


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Has anyone got any info on Ground heat systems and air

systems?  I understand that the air systems, which have the advantage of

retrofit can produce about 80% of warmth needed for heating using low emission

Rads or under floor heating.  Is the ground system any better and can it

be changed to cooling in the summer?

I am very keen to use an eco system on my next project.

If you have any info on wind turbines that also would be great.  I know

that in the UK the REC must connect you and if say for example you build a 6 or

10kw turbine you can import and export.  Also if you have some sort of comparison

tables between Turnine and battery as opposed to turbine and REC, stand alone

etc this would be most useful.

I know there are lots of Brit electric experts over here coz i heard them

talking in the pub.



I know it is unlikely that someone will know

about water as well as lectric but I want to fit a water purifier in my

house.  Anyone know where I could get

one and what type is best. I like the look of the salt ones but will that make

my water salty?
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[quote user="Clair"]In view of previous behaviour, be aware that any post to this thread

which does not stick to the subject will be immediately deleted by the


I don't understand this.....I've obviously missed something here. To me, Lenny has asked some perfectly valid questions, so why are they met with such a response?

Lenny, I know it's not really answering your query, but looking through our local (16) pages jaunes there are many companies who install geothermic/aerethermic and solar heating systems, as tax residents in France can claim 50% credits on energy rated heating systems including most woodburners (it cannot be claimed on the labour charges and there are conditions) which the government is promoting.

We have a friend who has had underfloor heating installed which is run from a heat exchange pump, and another who has a rad system plus swimming pool run from a heat exchange pump (pompe de chaleur). Neither had the ground space for geothermic but both have benefitted from the tax credits and low electricty bills. AFAIK their systems aren't reversible.

If anyone is interested there is an exhibition of eco friendly house construction and heating systems at La Rochelle later this month.
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