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How do we make a claim using the builder's 10 year guarantee?


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Hello All,

About 5 years ago a local builder rebuilt the 3 brick chimney stacks, and replaced the roofs & concrete floors on our house in France.

On our last visit, at Easter, we noticed cracks had appeared in the concrete at the base of the chimney stacks, a couple of pan tiles bedded into mortar had broken and there were two cracks in the rendering between the upper and lower roofs at the rear of the house. So the house appears to have moved a bit. Also there's a 12 inch damp patch  in one of the floors.

These might not be big problems but they need rectifying. So we went to his house in the next village to see him but nobody was in (and his name & mason details were gone from his front wall). We've written to him twice but have received no reply. Maybe he's moved!

So, as we can't locate him can we write to the insurers listed on his 10 year guarantee  and ask to get the work carried out?

Can anybody advise us of the procedure please?



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Contact his insurers, who will arrange an inspection and make a descision based on that inspection. Make sure you have his original invoice for the work (and the devis if the invoice just refers to this).

Be aware that, if the house has indeed "moved", then you need to be talking to your insurers.

If you have legal cover with your household insurance (most do), then they may help.


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