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Origins of metal chairs and the finished artical (nearly!)


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An update on the scrolly metal chairs, they were cleaned with Hammerite rust removing gel (£2.65 per pot and I used 1 1/2 pots, so a bit expensive if you were doind something big) which was so easy to use. I then finished them with Liberon Ferronier creme (like zebrite) and buffed with a soft cloth so as nothing rubs off.

But interestingly enough when I was out and about I went to our local Emmaus and found what the chairs had been made from, someone said they had a look of a cot which is not a million miles from what it was, a folding single bed on wheels, but not the normal collapsable type you see.

Any way thanks for all the orginal advice, I now just need a Ferronier to cut them up for me [:)] any idea how much it would cost?


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