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I'm very interested in a house for renovation which is within 50 metres of the village church. Because of this distance, the maire has said any Déclaration de Travaux must be approved by LArchitecte des bâtiments de France and that 3 months should be allowed.

The most important change is to put in 2 roof windows. These are at the back of the house and don't look out on to any other buildings. The house itself cannot be seen from the church. I don't want to make an offer on the house unless I can be sure extra light can be allowed in as it's a real black hole. Does anyone have experience of such architect permissions and how strict they are? Just a little way away is a terraced house whose entire front is aluminium but maybe this is outside the distance limit!

Before I put in for a Déclaration de Travaux for our present home, I was able to talk to someone at the DDE who gave me guidelines. Do you know if there's an equivalent for the Architecte des Bâtiments?

Thanks in advance.

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I have some experience of these kinds of issues and generally speaking the ABF are normally only concerned with those elevations which directly the face the church in question. If the structure is of significant antiquity such as with many mediaeval structures then the entire building is controlled and you would be unable most likely to do anything to it which compromised its historic integrity.

If you follow the following link you should be able to contact someone at the ABF and obtain all the information you need.


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We have had several jobs like this in the past and each time any Velux windows have to be completely flush with the roof to meet the guidelines. Some things the AdB cannot stop you doing but can put material restrictions on it like roof tiles whereby you cannot replace like for like because they are no longer made. You should be aware of some delay because they are usually pretty busy with many applications to follow up.
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Hi, we have been struggling with these things for a few years now - we are opposite a chateau and church or historic value!

If you are in the Limoges/Haute Vienne area we were given the following address:

Service Departmental de l'Architecture et du patrimoine,

35 rue des Veritiens

87000 Limoges

T'Fax: 0555 32 73 80


That is trying to read the hand writing. They might be able to give you more information though.

Keni & Chris


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