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Troubleshooting transient electrical failures

Steve Last

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We suffer occasional problems of power failures, and will for example come home to find that the main circuit breaker on our board (but NOT the main EDF supply) is tripped, but none of the individual circuits. Just resetting the breaker restores everything. It is a 3-phase system, which very badly done originally - we have had some major improvements made, but from the comments recieved from electricians so far it looks as if we may just have to live with some of the problems. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to trouble-shoot what is causing these failures? Also, is there any type of mains protection device which will automatically RESTORE power after a transient fault? That would be really useful as we are concerned that we lose power to the freezer when away. At present our protection when away is to have a low power lamp outside the house on continuously, and a neighbour who comes in and resets it if the light goes out!  

Steve L

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