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Pointathon 2007


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Hi Guys

Over in Augus intending to do as much repointing as I can to our stone built house.

Our walls are 500mm thick stone witha rubble and farmers cement infill with what looks like a coarse lime based mortar where the pointing remains.

I guess using cementitious mortar would be the wrong thing to do?

I do like the look of the yellow tinged mortars used locally is this achieved by using sable  jeaune?

If some one could give me an Idea of a suitable mix and the correct name for materials required it would be much appreciated.


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Mr Clair used this recipe, as recommended by a local maçon:

  • 3 parts sable gris (sand

    with bits of gravel in)

  • 3 parts sable jaune

    (smooth sand)

  • you can vary the

    proportions to give a different colour

  • 4 parts chaux aérienne

    for interior use, which sets slowly OR 4 parts chaux hydrolique

    for interior or exterior use (called NHL3,5), which sets faster


  • ready mixed bags (Lafarge

    enduit de facade à la chaux)
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