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Light cream pointing mix.


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I was going to repoint our exterior, front, white stone wall with a light cream coloured decorative cement, but have just noticed on another post that white sand is available.

We're near Fontenay le Comte in Vendee and I've never seen white sand in the shops.

Does anybody know if white sand is commonly available and can anybody give me a recipe for a light cream coloured pointing mix please.



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Isn't this what's called "Choux", in France? If so, it's available in about 20 shades from any decent materiel dealer, (builder's merchants). Ours lent us the "chart" (which is pieces of the real thing) to compare with our existing stuff so as to get the right colour.



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[quote user="Valleyboy"]Don't want to nit-pick, but "choux" is actually French for cabbages or a type of pastry - the word you are looking for for lime is "chaux".


ok    you are right of course              suppose what goes around comes around            clever    gite  ....oh  no not that again

           Dave         [:$]

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