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This 2006 thread will give you a starting point: http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/631447/ShowPost.aspx

Whatever wood you burn must be seasoned, or the flue will become clogged very quickly with tar.

Yo need a good mix of different types of wood to ensure a quick take (chestnut, birch, lime, poplar) as well as a long burn (oak, beech), but avoid pine as it contains a lot of sap which will spit and also create a lot of tar.

This page has good info on the types of wood according to their energy content: http://www.woodheat.org/firewood/firewood.htm

The wood we'll be burning this winter had stood in the farmer's field for two years before we bought it in spring 2006. It has a mix of oak, beech and ash.

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