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Crepis - Paint?

Joerger École

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I can't find anything on this subject in previous postings.  I have an old house with crepis surfaces.  Humidity has caused the crepis to separate from the wall near the ground.  I have completed the initial removal of the peeling crepis and cover the cement with undercoat paint. I want to repair/replace the areas where I removed the peeling crepis but the color of the new surface will not match the faded surface on most of the house. Currently it is the common cream color (ton pierre, I think).

My question:  Does one paint over crepis to renew the color?  If so, what paint is correct? Or, is it necessary to remove the old crepis and resurface with new material?

I am sure that someone out there has experience with crepis as it seems to be the surface of choice in many regions of France.

Thanks in advance.


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