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Chauffe Eau Autoswitch problem


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I have one of those switches for my chauffe eau, which has three positions, off auto and on.

I noticed that the water was heating during the day, although the

switch was on auto. The switch was also noisy so I bought a new one and

fitted it, connecting the 6 wires as before. This did not solve the


When the 2 amp circuit breaker is on, the switch will only stay in

the auto position and won't even turn off. The heater is then on all

the time.

If I turn off the circuit breaker, the switch can be put to any

position, but then will only heat the water in the on position, i.e.

never if on auto.

I have a feeling it may have been like this since we changed to Tempo last year, from heures pleines/heures creuses.

I would be grateful for any ideas. It has me beaten.

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Turn off the power and disconnect the wire on terminal A1 on the contacteur HC. This is the feed from the switch in your meter, which is controlled by the day/night signalling on the electricity supply.

Power on again and if the contacteur comes out of auto mode, then the problem is in the meter (or with the wiring). On the cont., terminal A1 sould go to the switch contact on the meter (sometimes called C1 on the meter, although as it is only a switch, it doesn't matter which way round it goes). Terminal A2 goes to Neutral, and the wire should be blue. The 2A DD live out terminal goes to the meter switch.

If it doesn't then the contacteur is faulty.

I can do a drawing if it would help.



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Many thanks for that Nick. [:)] 

I had a look at the meter outside to check the wiring there.   It is a new one with an lcd screen showing the 6 readings and also a lot of settings, all controlled by 2 blue buttons.   I tried the second button showing the settings and one of them said 'eau 0', so I played with the buttons and managed to change it to 'eau 1'. 

The switch can now be moved from auto and the water only heats when in the 1 position, so I am waiting for 10 pm to see if it comes on then.   I am hoping that either I or the meter reader changed it by mistake, I am surprised you can do that.

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