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Log burner installation instructions (EN13229) and causes of poor functioning


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I have been trying to find info on installing a log burner. Our local Brico kindly photocopied some english(ish) installation instructions for me. I have scanned them and posted theme here for anyone interested...

Log burning stove instructions conforming to EN13229. (900Kb)


There is also a table on how to correct poor burning and functioning (19Kb)




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is it me or do you find some of these instructions a bit ambiguos......i shall read them again and try and specify some of my questions but i am primarily unsure of the insulation requirements when installing an insert into an existing fireplace.....i have assisted in installing a burner in an existing fireplace in the past and we did not use any insulation ..... i was intending to line the existing fireplace with brick refractaire up to the level of the metal plate that blocks the chimney...... in order to create enough space behind the insert i think i will need to build the base of the fire place outwards into the room by 30 cms and therefore need to do something with the existing wooden fire surround that will i think be susceptible to the danger of getting far too hot.... if anyone has any further ideas and advise please post
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