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Termite treatments - 2 options

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We have just bought a home mid-point betwen Bordeaux & Bergerac Dept 33

The survey showed no termites but as we need to treat for woodworm we thought we would get a quote for termite treatment.  They have come back with two options, both costing about 3K.  The first is to inject the wood - pretty standard.  The other option is they 'plant' about 20 pots around the outsdie of the hosue then visit after a month, 3 months then half yearly.  There would be a yearly fee.  Any sign of termites and they would treat the house for about 1½k.

I like the idea as it means (hopefully!) no chemical in the house.  Anyone doing this?  How effective?

Also are capricorn and woodworm the same thing?


Walt & Lou

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Treatments are essentially extermination programs - so treating for termites that aren't there is like taking painkillers for a headache you don't have.  It won't stop you getting termites next year, just like the pills won't stop you getting a headache tomorrow.

The outside pots option is a surveillance system and might be worth it for your peace of mind - but how long will your 3k€ cover the monitoring?


You can consider capricorn and wood worm to be the same thing - although in the specifics it is often different beetles that are involved and sometimes different sized holes/runs in the wood.  But then woodworm is a very generic term and covers or can cover a number of potential culprits.



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