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buying and installing chimney liner


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Would be very grateful for advice on buying and installing a chimney liner for our wood burner....have seen all the bits in places like Bricomarche but not quite sure how the whole thing fits together and so don't know which bits to buy! Have looked also for brochures/booklets on subject but , as yet, no luck.......

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Rigid tube up into the chimney void, through the closing plate above the pôele; then an adapter, then flexible Inox tube. Finally, a bracket which fits across the space at the top of the chimney and holds the flexible in position.

Depending on your chimney top, might need a bit to teminate the flexible and protect it against the ingress of rain.

Use the correct colle (sealer glue) to fit all the tubes together.

Fit the flexible by drawing it up from the bottom: not dropping it down from the top.

One final point: French flexible liner tends to be single wall: essential therefore to insulate with a jacket wrapper of Rockwool covered in ally; or backfill the void with vermiculite or vermiculite and cement mix. This is all done to maintain the heat within the liner and thus promote good draught.


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[quote user="johnv"]

hope this is not a hi-jack .. but would this work ok for a chimney without a log-burner, just a normal fire ? (to stop smoke seeping through the joints we can't get at)



Yes, but in this case you would need to install a metal fitting which is rather like a kitchen cooker hood and funnels the combustion products into the liner.

For this you would really need to consult a specialist, since ensuring that the draught was maintained is quite a tricky business.

Additionally, if your chimney lining is that bad, it would inevitably require the void completely backsealing with vermiculite as the localised heat from the liner may well still cause a chimny fire.

Personally, I'd fit either an insert  or a pôelle.


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