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Kitchen sink waste pipe connection


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Hi All, I'm hoping you can help.

I am trying to connect the waste for my kitchen sink (Ikea Atlant model) and the plasitc connector at the end of the flexible hose is exactly the same size as the main plastic pipe leaving the house. I think they are both 40mm.

I did buy the kit from the UK which I understand could well have been an error but I bought a similar item from a local brico to act as a replacement and it presnted me with exactly the same problem!

Is there a connector of some sort that I'm missing? Is my waste pipe an unusual size (no jokes please!)? Is the waste pipe from Ikea France a different size to the UK model?

All help will be gratefully received.


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We have had several probs in France connecting "white" and "grey" waste pipes - the problem seems to be thickness of plastic. The plumber used his blowtorch to warm things up and make the b****r fit. 

Don't know if this info will be of any use to you though.



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If the 40mm is the actual waste pipe diameter and not the diameter of the "flared" socket end of the pipe then a 40mm straight connector should fit. If the kitchen sink waste pipe is also 40mm then it will go into the other end of the 40mm straight connector., both ends glued of course.

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