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moss,algae and slate roof tiles...


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We have old slate tiles on the roof and the previous owner used to clear the roof of 'plant growth' every couple of years.

He cleared it in May and it's already coming back.

What I wondered is ....what do people use to kill it off ( would glysophate work?) and how do you scrape it off without damaging the slates which are already quite weathered ( old SNCF tiles).

We would like to be as organic as possible.

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I'm told that copper slowly dissolved by rainwater does a good job in preventing moss growth. So, theoretically a nice juicy copper cable run along the ridge line should allow for plenty of weak copper solution over the slates everytime it rains.

I don't know how this idea works in thunderstorms with all that lightning about and I'd make sure your house insurance was up to date !!!!

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