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Paul King

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[quote user="Paul King"]

Thank you everyone for your advice. So in summary, we can take the bowl over but best to buy the trap and taps in France?  Will a french trap unit fit a UK bowl or are all bowls universal?

Many thanks



Traps have the same threads, but it's the pipework AFTER the trap that can be difficult to match up. A decent plumber's place, or even a DIY type shop will supply a trap for you at a few €/ I've recently bought a nice exposed one, chrome plated, for only €11.

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Thats the problem I had - I had ignored the pressure figures on the new taps, so had to buy another set specifically for low pressure [:(]

However, it does seem to be the thing these days in new builds, to have mains pressure water at all points and combi boilers for CH (saves the bother of finding space for tanks?[I])


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A French trap will fit the thread on the UK waste fitting

The big problem is the waste fitting, make sure you buy that in the UK, it is almost impossible to buy an unslotted waste here

Virtually all French wastes are combined pop up systems

Note that provided you have a thread, these are universal BSP, you can connect to them in France

If you get connections to pipework you may have problems

What is wrong with French equipment anyway

Le Plombier

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