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Metal framing plasterboard


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I recently made an enquiry via the internet to obtain a quote to plasterboard the ground floor of my place over there. By my reckoning there is a approximately 110-120 metres of wall space, which is about 2.8 metres high. I was amazed at how much the 'tradesman' was asking to metal frame and plasterboard these walls.

I therefore went onto Ebay to get some ballpark figures for the tools and materials I would need to do the job myself and soon realised that I would save thousands if I take this route.

It doesn't look as if it would be a really difficult project to undertake, the crucial bit being to make sure that everything is square. I have just had the entire area rewired, complete with light fittings, sockets and wall heaters, and arranged for additional length on all of the cabling so that it can be pulled through the plasterboard once it is in place.

Has anyone undertaken this sort of thing themselves? I am open to all tips and advice.

If anyone could provide a list of all of the tools that I will need, plus materials that I may not have thought of, I would be eternally grateful. Things such as the type of plasterboard, and best sources, would be great!

Hoping someone can help.


Rob G


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