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should I insulate mains water pipe?


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The regs say that a water pipe must be buried in gaine at a depth of 50cm (as punch says) except where there is vehicular traffic over it, where (as BM says) it must be buried at a depth of 1.50M. Marker tape must be used in both cases, sand is a good idea to prevent movement relative to the pipe.

Simple really, that is why regs exist....

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[quote user="Anton Redman"]

Bit late I suspect.

It is the coloured plastic mesh that you buy to put above the pipe so that in x years time somebody does not put a pnuematic breaker straight through the pipe, mains feed drains etc. They come in varying colours depending on what they are warning about.


Their main function is to enable the digger driver to know from the colour of the remains of the plastic, mixed with the soil in the digger's bucket, exactly what type of service he has just sliced through.

Although this is usually self-evident when : -

The entire village goes dark all of a sudden,

Everybody's internet goes off,

or a fountain of water is suddenly entertaining the locals


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