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One of our English friends has had a new oil boiler fitted and the chauffagiste advised him to have the oil storage tank cleaned. Apparently there was quite a lot of sludge in the bottom but only a couple of inches of oil, 200 litres, so the timing was ideal.

The invoice was for 400€, which sounds steep to me when you can get a full fosse (3000 litres) emptied for 180€-200€.

Is it because the waste treatment is more expensive for oil products? Anyone else had this done recently?


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No, it wasn't same guy BUT he did recommend him.

The tank is steel; I don't know if that's better than a new plastic one. Castorama have new ones at 514€ but I'm sure I've seen them cheaper.

With the plastc ones you can at least see the level of the oil going down (rapidy in this weather)... how nice!

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