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We are looking at installing a small (approx 8 x  4 metre) indoor pool.   Does anyone have any experience of undertaking such a project.   Any helpful hints would be much appreciated!

Many thanks


Thanks for the question but perhaps its better in the swimming pool section, you might get some other more balanced views.

There is really no inherent difficulty installing a swimming pool indoors so long as you accept that you are obliged to consider the whole environment inside the building and not just 'build a pool'. By that I mean that you have to choose your materials more carefully, considering the increase humidity, design the spec of the pool higher to account for the increase temps and lower ventilation. etc etc. I have been in some wonderful pools, completely enclosed - one under the lounge room of a house and another over the lounge room of a house, both very well conceived projects.

You are in no way however able to use the same budgetary guidelines of an outdoor pool, for this type of project as the logistics alone can modify the budget fundamentally. So each project should be costed on its merits and restrictions, if you need help conceiving a viable project then, certainly I can help you.

Health wise there is no more or less issues to deal with than an out door pool or a spa, they are the same issues, but its the consequences which are amplified let us say. Legionella bacterium (Legionella pneumophila)  is only one of many nasties that you have to deal with and its will be adequately dealt with using well specified equipment, all well known, all very user friendly. With such installed there should be no smell what so ever, and no risk to the health or comfort of swimmers.

PM me if you need further dialogue




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