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COST of PER tube


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Prices in the BRICODEPOT catalogue are as follows:

Tube PER.

50 cents per metre for 12mm
60 cents per metre for 16mm
99 cents per metre for 20mm

Tube PER Gaine

70 cents per metre for 12mm
80 cents per metre for 16mm
€1.48 per metre for 20mm

Above based on 25 metre lengths - cheaper for 100 metres.

Hope this helps.



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[quote user="crazyfrog"]

I've just been given a bill which included 880Euro for the PER tube to redo 5 rads and replace the mains hot/cold supplies. Does this seem excessive? Has anyone got a cost per m for the 20/16/12 mm sizes?


For the PER tubing alone, it is rather. But, if the price includes all the fittings, manifolds, labour .....

Didn't you get a devis, first? (If you didn't then isn't much you can do, apart from pay).

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Nick, unfortunately it doesn't include anything else, pose&renovation were separate.  He has been doing the work on and off...actually lots of off, since last May, an hour or two every 4 or five weeks.

As he has come in to do emergency repairs before it seemed like a good idea at the time to get him to do the rest as he lives round the corner and does work for others in the village.

I will measure all the lengths and ask him to tell me where he buys is tube.  As he gets it in 100m lengths I would think he gets it cheaper.  I have subsequently met an english plumber down here and i'll ask him what he thinks.  If he thinks it reasonable I'll put it down to experience and next time I buy a house and renovate it (as if!) i'll do the plumbing myself.

I'm just getting fed up with being shafted because i'm english and obviously a millionaire.

b.t.w Manifolds were made up with bent bits of copper and a blow torch

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Thanks for the costs everyone.

I've just measured up : 24m of 20mm, 60m of 16mm, 105m of 12mm

Which is around 150euro if you take Antons numbers

He's also tried to charge me 95euro for 5m of 14mm copper pipe... i know copper isn't cheap but 19euro a metre is a bit steep

I will ask him over to explain his calculations.  I think I will suggest at first that he has got his virgule in the wrong place and see what happens.



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