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The Griffins

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We have a barn conversion in the Perigord Vert and hot water to the kitchen and also to a shower and washbasin is provided by a Chaffoteaux et Maury gas heater that runs on bottled gas and does not have or need a flue.  It is very efficient, but not really man enough for the job.  It certainly won't stretch to heating the water in a planned second shower room!

If the holiday home was in England, we would fit an instant electric shower of say 8kw, but our supply at the barn is "option base, puissance 3kw".  I believe this can be upgraded, but by how much?  The supply in the little hamlet is by overhead cable and we presently run the usual white goods and 2 or 3 1kw heaters in the bedrooms - not on full power, of course!

We do not want a "wet" system with oil or gas central heating.  We go the barn when we can, but it stands empty most of the time and we drain down in the winter for safety reasons.

Does anybody have any bright ideas or suggestions?  Ideally, we would like to introduce two new showers and preferably instant hot water, leaving the gas heater for the washing up only.

Many thanks

The Griffins

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[quote user="LesFlamands"]Change your tarif to heures creuse and fit a chauffe eau electrique (200 or 300 litre as required)[/quote]

Without wanting to appear disrespectful to Les Flamands I would argue against heures creuses unless you are going to live in your barn permanently as the standing charges it incurs would be unduly costly for a rarely used holiday home. I do agree about the chauffe eau though as they are very efficient and economical if used on a timer. If you can upgrade to a 6 Kw supply IMHO this would cover you against the extra 2.2 Kw (approx as the rate varies from make to make) the chauffe eau would need and you would have the benefit of lashings of hot water when and where you want it.


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I would point out to you that your installation is illegal and strictly prohibited

The flueless water heater you describe is known as a Chauffe Eau non raccorde

You can only fit such an appliance if it is fitted with triple security, you need to check in the heater instructions to confirm if this is fitted on your heater. This security is designed to automatically turn the appliance off if it malfunctions to prevent carbon monoxide poisioning

Where the heater is installed is strictly controlled, in a central position an a wall in the Kitchen, or in a dependance

Totally forbidden in a bathroom or living room, you cannot fit two of these heaters in the same room

You must comply with the ventilation requrements for fresh air in and exit of air out and these vents must be the correct size and fitted at the correct height

You can only supply items such as sinks and basins, a maximum of three, spread across a maximum of two rooms

Connecting these heaters to a shower or bath is totally illegal

These heaters are potentially very dangerous and ,unless regularly serviced and checked your heater will almost certainly become dangerous

If you do not have the correct ventilation already in the room where the heater is located you should switch it off immediately and get a registered gas professional to check that it is safe to use

Carbon monoxide kills with a very small concentration in the air and you probably won't know that you are dying

After you are dead your life insurance probably won't pay out because you were killed by an illegally installed appliance

I think you would be very unwise to continue with the use of this type of appliance, let alone consider the installation of a second one

The gas regulations in France apply to all gas installations, including bottled gas supplies and must be covered by a certificate of conformity

Le Plombier

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