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Cleaning of old girondine tiles


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JOS® System
The patented JOS® cleaning process gives a new dimension in cleaning technology doing no harm to the environment because it is chemical free.
The formula:Low pressure - rotational vortex For the safe removal of carbon pollutants from: Stone, brick, terracotta, ceramic tiles, glass, concrete and many other materials. Also oxidation/sulphuration products from Bronze, Brass, Copper, Anodised Aluminium etc.Cleaning of Facades Chemical Free Works Gently and effectively A mixture of low air pressure, very little water (1.5 to 10 gallons per hour ) and a fine inert safe abrasive powder is developed into a rotating vortex. When directed onto a surface to be cleaned, this swirling vortex gently, yet effectively removes unwanted matter such as carbon, stubborn dirt, scale, graffiti and certain paints, from many types of materials including stone, brick, metals - even wood and plaster. JOS is a uniquely efficient and gentle cleaning system as the substrate is left undamaged

DOFF® System
The DOFF® system complements the JOS® system and is the natural answer to the removal of surface coatings such as bitumen, oil, grease and many other disfiguring materials which have become bonded to masonry and other substrates. A unique combination of heat and pressure is used to cut through and remove unwanted matter without eroding the underlying surface using specialised equipment which is fully adaptable to suit the conditions.

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