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New gas boiler installation - Contract required for the guarantee ?


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Hi everyone..

My plumber has just fitted a new combi gaz boiler (Veissmann Vitopend 222 - rrp. €1800). He has now told me that I need to go to the suppliers to find a company to get a  "cotract de mise en service" - which sounds like a maintenance contract. The plumber seemed to imply this was "obligatoire" in order to validate the guarantee. Is this normal ? I would normall be a little scheptical about buying into such a contract..

Also, the boiler was bought a couple of years ago by a previous plumber who has since closed his business (it was on 'promo' at a verygood price) and kept (packaged and un-touiched) until now. I don't have the receipt, though the suppliers could in theory trace it through their accounts... Will this make the whole this problematic? And what might such a 'contract' cost? My plumber wasn't sure, maybe a 'one off' payment to come before the boiler is started up for the first time and then once a year etc.. I suppose a 'one off' of say €150 would seem OK, but every year would almost be worth the gamble..

I assume 'obligatoire' is more about the guarantee than any other commitmernt - we have a 'conformité' for the gaz installation itself..

Thanks for any experiences..

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Thanks Clair.. I've read that page before and it outlines all of the proceedures we have done - ie. the certificate de conformité and choosing my supplier ( GDF 'Dolcevita').. The GDF are coming today to fit the meter.

My question was more directed at the boiler manufacturer's own warranty etc, and about a contract to validate this.. Especially when firing up the boiler for the first time etc..

Any one else been in this situation ?


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I am not knowledgeable on this but I think he means a commissioning visit (mise en service) to check that it is properly installed before firing up, perhaps it is also a legal requirement.

Boilers sold by the DIY sheds usually include this (done by one of their registered chauffagistes) in the price.

My guess is that it has to be done by a chauffagiste (perhaps registered with the manufacturer) and not a plumber.

Or perhaps it is a 5 year warranty that is just a vehicle for them to get more money from you in maintenance contract fees.

I hope that someone knowledgeable will be able to  confirm or deny the above.

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Thanks.. No 'voucher', just a card to send to the manufacturer to register the boiler. To be filled out by the chauffage company.. So I guess this is in order to validate the 2 yr 'guarantee'. Otherwise, I'm out on my own..

Any 'risk' opinions on 'going it alone' ? - in the UK I've twice had boilers, each time gambled and been fine without having any horror repairs - only one fan to replace after 7 years which I did myself after I found one on the internet. Took 10 minutes to fit!

I don't get the feeling that the contract is actually compulsory, apart from the manufacturer's cover..

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If you search for Veissman on the internet you can find out the local appointed service agents for your area

Contact one of them, ask for a mise en service and a service annuel and they should be able to sort you out

You will probably need your plumbers invoice to proove the boiler is new and only just installed

Le Plombier

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Thanks all - A chauffagiste came yesterday and spent 2hrs tinkering and adjusting and the boiler is working beautifully! I don't know how I've managed without for so long.. And what a classy boiler! Built in hot water cylinder for immediate access, and feels like something well made.. All plumbers I've spoken to rave about it. And I managed to pick it up on promo for a third off..

Seems the set up is paid for by the plumber's merchant / supplier and an annual contract for labour is optional with another company - For €110 a year which includes one visit a year for a service, seems like money well spent..

Anyone considering whether to go Gaz de Ville - I thoroughly recommend it (if you can get it!). Tariff is good as you can go 3KW on the electricity (gas cooker & heating) - so it's around €8 a month for both Gaz and Electricity abonnement..

Happy person indeed.

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