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Selling granite buildings


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I have a house in Brittany (dept. 22) with outbuildings that are in a state of disrepair.

It occurred to me that rather than fork out fistfuls of cash to renovate the outbuildings, I might be better off selling them to a stone mason or builder, on the basis that they dismantle them and give me some cash for the stone.

Of course, they might take an opposing view and want money from me for doing it, but I've heard stories of builders buying granite properties, just to dismantle them and use the stone elsewhere and then sell the land on.

Has anyone here done anything like this?

Thanks in advance


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I do not know Brittany but do know of one limestone facade which is for sale near use for serious money. Also saw one maison de maitre when we were house hunting near Sarlat which consisted exclusively of the Facade and timber supports- rather like Zoe Wannamaker in Dr Who.  
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