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Certificate d'urbanisme


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Hi folks .. I'm just filling one of these in ... and I need a bit of help with translating it ... below the section asking if I have services (road, water, electricity, sanition) of which I have everything ... there is then a section asking for details on the same services ...


Etat des equipements publics prevu
la collective a-t-elle un project de realisation d'equipements publics desservant le terrain?

Eau potable

Par quel service ou concessionnaire?
Avant le



Can somebody tell me what this means please?

Thanks very much




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I would say if you have all the services on the list then you don't need to anwer this question. They are asking if any of the services you may not have, are planned to be provided in the future and by which company.

That's only my opinion.[:)]

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