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stone for wall building


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im trying to get a feel for the price of stone used for building additional walls at my home and will also use the same stone for various garden walls, my house isnt built out of lovely dressed stone but i would guess a cheaper more working class stone!! and using infill methods.

also i have some new openings to make for doors and windows and am wondering how much the edging square stone blocks are?

so my question is how much (ish) are both stone types?

im in the nontron area if theres a diffrence in regional stone.


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[quote user="LeeNik"]thanks for the advice,   what about crushed stone suitable for sub bases for drive ways and then gravel,  does anyone have a steer on prices??[/quote]

We've just had 17.5 tonnes of calcaire 6/20 delivered for our drive: €262.50 from Weldom's (€15/tonne.) The grittier 6/20 (venant) is only €11/tonne.

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