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How do you connect to a thermal store/solar cylinder/hot water tank?

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Just about to buy the components for a re-plumb of our French home, and the question I have is how to connect the following to a thermal store that I have selected as the best for our purpose taking into account a number of factors. This work will be staged over about 18 months but we have to start with a cylinder that will be capable of encompassing the various parts when the system is complete.

We will have 4 component sections running through the thermal store via 3 pairs of access points at the cylinder. The cylinder is an off the shelf unit and not bespoke so it will be difficult to add another pair of fittings for the fourth part of the system?

This cylinder was chosen as it comes from a long established cylinder company, has 70mm fixed insulation as standard, is very well priced, has 2 inner coils of a good size and fittings to enable an immersion heater where we want plus an anode and the size we require to begin with (300L).

I will connect a wood boiler to the upper and lower standard fittings (1"), solar panels to the lower coil, DHW to the upper coil, which leaves me wondering where I can take the flow and return for 2 radiators the store must also supply heated water to (we use a wood burning stove for the bulk of space heating).

On top of the fittings mentioned above, there are positions for (2) 10mm tube fittings, an immersion heater fitting, a large housing at the base for cleaning purposes, one upper position for a thermometer, one for an anode and one spare 3/4" inner diameter thread position .

I am not a plumber but a competant DIY'er, and provided I can find all the information am quite confident to put the system together, but here I don't know what's the best solution if there is one, although a plumber may come across this situation twice a week and have a simple answer?

If I have a store built to my specifications it will add 730 euros to the cost, so understandably I am trying to avoid going down that route if possible. Any advice will be much appreciated.


ps: The store supply company are on a 3 week summer shut down so can't ask any of these questions to them for nearly 3 weeks.


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