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Should I tilie before fitting a new bathroom sink or after


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Our plumber is installing a new little corner sink in the new downstairs loo and another - with a column in the new bathroom.  He says we should tile after he has fitted them while I think the tiles should go on first. especially as the little corner sink does not have a straight back. 

We have used the correct placo, water resisitant mesh and rubber sealer before we put the tiles on, but what would you suggest tile before or after


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I think the plumber suggested the sink first and then we tile when he has gone as he did not want to make a mess of the tiles.  He has already put an unwanted hole in the new plasterboard, and he is not the smartest.  An unwanted hole in my new tiles would be the last thing I need. He said it will stop any splashes of water running down the back of the sink and on to the placo, but as he have prepared the area well, I did not agree with him.  And as you know us women are always right.

Our old bathroom has a sink that someone tiled after fitting, and it has dropped by an inch or two. nightmare if I just needed to chnage the sink.

Thanks for the confirmation.  I can tile before he comes back to fit the sinks.

Keeeeepppp   Grouting

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