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Solar panels


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cost side of things will vary according to whether your qualify for

grants. The grants themselves vary according to the regional councils.

Starting point: http://www.outilssolaires.com/premier/prin-couts.htm

Several threads on the topic:




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I went through the sums a year or so ago and, while I can't remember the details, for the amount of hot water that two of us, plus a fair few visitors, use I worked out a payback time of 17and a half years[:(]  And that included getting the grant/tax relief....

Chrissie (81)

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Sorry Clair, I can't get those links to work?

As far as solar kit is concerned we have Navitron evacuated tubes, 50 of them, for the heating on our pool. Some were bought directly from the U.K., but now Poolguy is the distributer for france. If you have a look at www.navitron.org.uk  and look at the solar water heating and the forum they run there is a boat load of info there!

They are nothing to do with me, I'm just a VERY satisfied customer [:D]!!

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